Day 2 in Iceland

Day 2 in Iceland was jam packed. I’ve hardly had the chance to sit down and write about this trip because we’ve done so much each day and I come back to the hotel totally wiped out. I’ll try to keep this short.

After breakfast on day 2 we immediately hopped in the car and headed out. We came across an area that had incredible, flowing turquoise water. All I could think was that it would make for the most perfect lazy river to tube down if only it were warm. Alas, I found it was not when I stepped in a marsh of it hidden by grass and soaked my foot. Womp womp.



Our next stop was a huge waterfall called Gullfoss. The weather kept changing and I was grateful I brought and additional layer because it was cold there, especially with the water spraying everywhere. It’s a big tourist attraction so it was busy to the point where you most likely will have to crop people out of your pictures but the site was beautiful nonetheless.




Pro tip – the majority of sites we have been to have required some level of steep climbing and a high chance of getting hurt if you slip and fall. This isn’t to freak anyone out, but flats or booties are definitely out of the question (I say this as someone who has seen others wearing those.) I’ve been alright in my running shoes because they have decent grip/traction but a solid pair of hiking boots wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Gullfoss had an awesome little gift shop and cafe area that had some good hearty sandwiches if you wanted to grab lunch there. There were also bathroom facilities, which cost 200 kr (2ish dollars) took cash or card, and were clean.

From Gullfoss we headed to the geyser right near by. I didn’t get any great pictures of it because it was huge and I’ve been keeping my zoom lens on however, it was really cool, really busy with tourists, and a quick easy stop because the geyser shoots up every 6 minutes or so.

When we left the geyser we were pretty hungry so we stopped by an N1 to get gas and pick up lunch supplies. We got some snacks and sandwich stuff and stopped off in a little trail area to eat. It came to around $51.00 for 4 of us, including a can of beer and a few candy bars in addition to the sandwich supplies.

Trying the candy here has been fun.

While we were driving we saw a sign for an attraction and decided to check it out. It ended up being an amazingly beautiful crater in the earth with the most unreal lake/pond at the bottom. The sun was shining bright in this area of the island and it really made the colors stand out.




While we were on the top of the crater we noticed a crazy colored mountain in the distance. We had nothing really pressing on the agenda so we decided to drive around and try to get up to it afterwards.

It took some sleuthing and admittedly, the site had a sign saying it was “under surveillance” but the view was incredible. A few other cars had the same idea as us and we all sort of stood in awe for a few minutes. Thinking back to it, it’s still one of my favorite things I’ve seen. It reminded me of the desert in Disney’s Aladdin.



We headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner at Minilik, a nearby Ethiopian restaurant. I’d been dying to try Ethiopian food and it did not disappoint. The restaurant was super low key and had great vegetarian options. My only note would be that the portions are a bit small. I’d recommend an appetizer in addition to the entree.

After wine and great food, I was ready for a good nights sleep. Stay tuned for my day 3 recap!



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