Afternoon in the City

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a bit of free time last week and was able to catch up on sleep, reading and working out. After finishing 3 books in 4 days I decided it was time to get out of the house and spend some time in the city (and of course, to stop by Barnes & Noble for my next conquest.)

Even Miso was sick of me hanging around the house.

Sometimes I don’t like to spend leisure time in the city while I’m training because Boston is so small that I inevitably end up running around the same places over and over again and I’m the worst when I’m bored with a work out.

However, spending two summers in a windowless, freezing office has ignited in me a passion for the outdoors. So downtown, it was.




After browsing around B&N for a bit (it’s one of my favorite places to be, actually) I realized I was pretty hungry so I decided to try out a new place that just opened in Copley Square, called Dig Inn.

Pretty much everything about Dig Inn appealed to me. The food is locally and sustainably sourced and the restaurant focuses on healthy, plant based meals.


I got a market bowl with mixed greens, cauliflower, roasted peaches, tofu, and pesto. The flavors were unique, delicious and tasted really fresh. Plus, all the utensils and containers were compostable! They also did really well with the tofu, which I think is difficult. It’s tough to find good tofu.


Full and completely satisfied, I decided to enjoy the summer heat and walked home. As nice as it was, I will say I am counting down the days to fall, ha. Are you guys summer lovers or do you prefer the cold weather? Let me know!



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