Running Running Running

I’m just about reaching the half way point in my training and I’m beginning to remember the feeling of not wanting to make time for my runs. That being said, I do feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever before.

Last week I was out with a cold – one I’m still trying to shake – so I only logged about 10 miles and a very light strength training session.

Although each work out did help me feel a little better, in the end I needed more rest than exertion.

With all my free time I was able to finish 2 books, catch up on Once Upon a Time, and finally get some much needed, uninterrupted sleep.

If you’re a Brave New World / distopian future fan, this is a good book to check out.

Yesterday was my first day feeling like myself again so I took it as an opportunity to get 2 workouts in. My first work out was a more vigorous conditioning because I’ve been falling back a bit with cross training and keeping my legs strong is vital. Here’s what I did:

10 minutes in the sauna – (I heard that using a sauna can help with heat endurance and I have definitely felt an improvement in my own ability to endure higher temperatures. Not to mention it works wonders for my skin and detoxifying)

30 walking lunges
30 crunches
25 donkey kicks
25 scissors

30 sumo squats
30 crunches
25 donkey kicks
25 scissors

30 step ups
30 crunches
25 bicep shoulders – (I’m not sure the real name of these but 1 rep is essentially a bicep curl on each arm followed directly by a shoulder press. I used 7.5lb dumbells.)
25 clam shells (each side)

15 miles stationary bike

Afterwards I was ravenous and whipped together the strangest sandwich I’ve had in a while, along with some fresh seasonal produce I got from the grocery store. There are few things more grounding than eating a delicious, perfectly ripe and juicy peach.


I rested a bit afterwards and started a new book – Hollow City, the 2nd installment of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Chris and I decided to try out a new pizza place called Stone Hearth Pizza which was really good and sourced local, organic and hormone/antibiotic free ingredients. It was delicious and inexpensive and I felt good supporting a business that supports local farms. They also have gluten free dough and pasta! I got the Farmfresh pizza, which was chock full of veggies.


I headed out on my run around 8:30pm. I prefer running around dusk but it’s been hot lately and I learned my lesson after attempting a long run at noon in 87 degree weather. (I think it actually qualified as a long walk with intermittent periods of jogging.)

After about a mile I realized my body was still tired from my earlier workout and the last legs of my cold and I ended up cutting my run a mile short. I’m always trying to find where the line is with pushing my body and giving it adequate rest. You win some, you lose some I guess.

For my post run snack I had peanut butter, fresh fig, and chia seeds on a slice of whole wheat toast. I paired it with a big mug of ginger detox tea and fell asleep before I even got the chance to open my book.


Today I’m slated for a long run but I’m a bit worried after last night’s performance. I guess we’ll see.



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