February Birchbox

Okay, I know I’ve been complaining all winter that we haven’t had much snow but after those few 60 degree days, this recent storm has me really psyched for Spring.

You can imagine my excitement when I opened this month’s Birchbox to find this adorable pink box and a collection of fresh & floral smelling products.


  1. Terax Hair Care Original Crema
  2. Liquid Freud Body Wash by Not Soap, Radio
  3. BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm by ARROW – Birchbox Exclusive
  4. Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer
  5. Emelia Eau de Parfum by TOCCA

First impression: Woohoo! Big samples! It may mean I get fewer products but that’s fine by me. I love when I get slightly bigger samples, especially with conditioner because I use them so frequently. I can’t wait to try out this conditioner because it smells amazing and I am always rotating my hair care products.


I’m also curious to try the body wash because I get super dry skin in the winter and am very particular about my soap. So far I’ve had the best luck with bars but this quirky cute wash claims to tend to your zen & emotional well-being. We shall see!

The Emelia perfume sample was pretty much an all around win because a) I have a pre-existing obsession with the name Emelia, b) the perfume description is adorable and c) the scent is the perfect balance between depth and light. It reminds me of getting dressed up for a garden party. I really love that Birchbox does such a good job of matching my profile preferences.


I also tried out the Naobay moisturizer. First off- I love that it’s organic and made from natural ingredients. I’m crunchy like that. It has a slightly citrus-y scent and was surprisingly lightweight.

However, I tried it out on my face and I didn’t love it. I’m used to using coconut oil as my sole facial moisturizer so this had a comparatively clay-like feel. That being said, it doesn’t have a greasy finish and the description suggests for it to be used as makeup base, which I think would work well. Bonus points for making my sandpaper hands soft and sweet smelling.

The most intriguing product in my opinion is the Arrow Lip Balm. At first glance I wasn’t super interested in it because I’ve kind of sworn off chap stick in an attempt to remedy my always-chapped lips. However, when I read the description I was instantly anxious to try it out. “This superhydrating formula adjusts to your pH, enhancing each wearer’s natural lip color to create the perfect hue.” I KNOW. Awesome.


After the wine lip, the natural, looks-like-I-just-finished-a-great-makeout-session lip is my favorite. It added a slightly pinker hue to my lip and now, hours after I put it on, it’s still moist. (Sorry.)


In addition, you can layer it for more color and it’s vegan/paraben/gluten/cruelty free. As if I didn’t already have reason to love it.

Have you guys tried any of these products before? What do you think of them?

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