Lazy Weekend

Maybe it’s just my general busy-bee disposition but I have a tendency to qualify my lazy days as “days I’m not running around with my head on fire.” So for me, this was a lazy weekend.

After Miso woke me up to feed him yesterday around 7am (I got lucky – it’s usually 5,) I had my morning coffee, read through some emails and checked out a few of my favorite blogs.


When I started to get hungry the fridge was looking pretty bare so I headed over to one of my favorite little markets down the street.

I had a croissant (meh) and one of the best smoothies I have ever tasted. It was avocado, coconut water, cilantro, and kale. It was the perfect balance of creamy, refreshing, and fulfilling. When I get a new blender (mine burned out the other day 😦 ) I need to remember to replicate.




I kind of felt like hanging around because I love the atmosphere and get serious interior inspo but I had some errands I wanted to get done before the snow started.

I’m always looking for ways to declutter, clean, and organize my house more efficiently and I’ve been really inspired by a new book I’ve started reading called “the life changing magic of tidying up” (I’ll do a review when I finish it.)


I felt like shopping around so I decided to pick up a few things we need around the house, including storage containers and these Cynthia Rowley curtains.


Afterwards I stopped home to research some new recipes I wanted to try this week and headed out again to get groceries and pick up my day cleaning.

The snow storm had me in the mood for some comfort food so I spent a few hours making crock pot macaroni and cheese, garlic artichoke quiche and strawberry dutch butter cake while doing the laundry.


Cooking is so therapeutic to me. I love setting up shop in the kitchen, throwing on a podcast, and tackling a recipe.

While everything was cooking I tidied up the house, binge watched some KUWTK (yikes) and played with Miso.


I regret that I didn’t have enough time to work out because I’ve gotten into a really good groove but after I finish this post I’m going to hit the gym. Chris is going to take over the TV for the Pats game so I’m thinking I’ll grab lunch with a friend to avoid the general yelling/loudness that’s inevitable with the playoffs.


Wishing you all a restful (or comfortably productive) Sunday! xx

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