Holiday via iPhone

As I’m sure most of you are, I’ve been running around this week for the holidays so I haven’t had much time to write but I did want to do a quick post and share some pictures from the past few days.

Don’t worry–I had my camera with me too, but I’m going to wait for some more detailed posts when I’m back home. Hope you enjoy! x

Chris and I FINALLY got a cat! Everyone, meet Miso! Miso is a rescue from the New York Animal Care Center in Brooklyn. We had a really tough time choosing a cat because all the animals in the shelter were so sweet and deserving of homes but we decided on Miso, and he is the most lovable, quirky little kitty.


  1. Sneak shot of me enjoying some wine on Christmas Eve
  2. Buccatini Pesto Pasta from Gather
  3. The Chicken & Waffle Bites and Napa Cabbage Pierogies, also from Gather
  4. Sunrise I caught after an early morning gym sesh before jumping on the road


The craziest light display we stumbled upon in Queens, on our way out of the city.


More proof of my Primark obsession. Loving this reversible cape & oversized tunnel neck sweater.


Ending our rainy shopping day in Midtown. Can we talk about how it was 75 in Manhattan on Christmas Eve? Insane. I wasn’t quite dreaming of a wet Christmas…although I do love New York in the rain.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!

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