Holiday Festivities

Although this week has been a bit more tame compared to others, I was still able to squeeze in a few fun holiday activities.

On Sunday I ran in the Sam Adams Ugly Sweater Run at the Suffolk Downs race track.


I didn’t have an ugly sweater so I tried to just wear festive colors and patterns but when I showed up I was impressed/shocked by the effort people put in to their race day outfits.


It took a little while to get started but there seemed to be a good energy about the crowd–plus the promise of beer & unlimited hot chocolate after the race.


If this isn’t the funniest/worst/most accurate picture of me running I don’t know what is. I actually really enjoyed the race although I was bummed when I got to the finish line and realized that it was only 2.6 miles long! C’mon guys, you can’t call it a 5K at 2.6 miles!

Regardless, it was a good time and I had fun.

On Monday my office had an outing where we got dinner and decorated gingerbread houses! If you’ve ever done PaintNite, it’s put on by the same people.


They provided the pre-assembled gingerbread house, frosting, and candy for decorating. We did have to “glue” on the chimney, door, and awnings but it was super easy and most of the time was spent detailing the house. I loved seeing everyone’s houses and how they chose to decorate.



The finished product!



How are you guys getting in the holiday spirit?


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