Opening Night at Ocean Prime

Last week I was invited to attend the opening night of Ocean Prime, a new restaurant in the Seaport. Ocean Prime is had a chain of restaurants throughout the country but this is the first one in Massachusetts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.31.10 PM

The marketing team from my office and I arrived for a 6pm reservation. The bar already seemed to be getting busy and they had some live music on the piano which was a nice touch. The decor had a good balance between clean and comfortable and appeared to have some 70’s-esque influences.

There was an interesting wine list and a fairly limited cocktail menu, which may have been just because it was the soft opening.

They did have a surprising amount of sushi, which we ordered for appetizers. I don’t like seafood but I hate being a picky or difficult eater in these situations so I tried a bit of it. (Still not my thing.)

For appetizers we ordered:
– Sonoma Goat Cheese Raviolis with Golden Oak mushrooms
– Tuna Roll with spicy tuna, avocado & cucumber
– Hamachi Crudo with pickled mangos,  sweet peppers, cilantro, & a sesame ginger vinaigrette

The raviolis were small but came with 6 and were incredible. They were dressed in the most delicious broth – it reminded me faintly of lemon/white wine but I could be totally off- and had sun dried tomatoes. For the seafood lovers at the table, the sushi and hamachi were said to be very flavorful.

As an entree, I ordered the 10oz filet mignon cooked medium, with bearnaise sauce. As a table, we got black truffle macaroni & cheese, creamed spinach, and chophouse corn as sides. All were excellent. Perhaps it’s because I rarely eat beef, but I could have sworn the filet was the best I’d ever had. It really was cooked perfectly.

Finally, for dessert we ordered the 10 Layer Carrot Cake & the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. The peanut butter pie was recommended to us by our server and was definitely the favorite of our table.


Overall, I was very satisfied (and very full) with the meal. Considering the price range, (and my budget,) I probably wouldn’t go back unless I were with a group with tastes specific to this type of menu. I like to explore more inventive cuisine (do I sound like a food snob? I’m just weird,) but this is a solid choice for a reliable and delicious meal.

Oh, and bonus points: the bread basket came with sour dough, mini pretzel sticks, and whipped butter. A+.


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