Tito’s Vodka Seminar & Dinner

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a special Vodka Seminar & Dinner, sponsored by Tito’s Vodka. The dinner was held at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant in South Boston, which I had heard a lot of great things about and had wanted to check out for a while.

The interior was absolutely gorgeous with high ceilings, exposed brick and soft lighting from the holiday decorations. We had dinner in a private area in the back, separated from the dining room by a big curtain. The room had a bar and stage, and the overall rustic feel really lent itself to the comfortable and intimate atmosphere of the event.


After some mingling and a introductory cocktail, we sat down and learned the history of Tito’s vodka, followed by a taste test and an explanation of the different distillation processes used to make vodka. Dinner followed, which was a delicious 3 course presentation, paired with specially crafted cocktails to complement each dish. I wish I had taken a picture or copy of the menu, but I’ll list out what I can remember:

First Course:
Beef Tare-tar
Grilled Bread (naan or pita, I can’t remember exactly)
Olive Tapenade
Mustard Seeds
Paired with: savory martini with celery garnish

I had tried beef tare-tar once before and was not a fan of it. As you guys know, I try to stay away from meat but this was seriously delicious. I finished everything on my plate and would have eaten more if it was in front of me.

Second Course:
Grilled Cockles
Miso Broth
Bits of fried pork belly
Cilantro & assorted greens
Paired with grapefruit /sour cocktail

I have never been a fan of seafood. I’ve wished at times that I could be because it’s a healthy alternative when eating meat but it never tasted good to me. However, I gave this a try because it would have been incredibly rude to not eat and I wanted to experience what the chefs and bartenders worked hard to put together. I was pleasantly surprised! I have never had fish that I enjoyed but this filet was juicy, flavorful, and void of that ocean-y taste that seafood so often carries. I ate nearly half of the dish and have so much more appreciation for seafood having had that.

Third Course:
Peppermint chocolate mousse with cookie crumble garnish
Paired with White Russian

Dessert was delicious. The mousse had a rich, dark chocolate flavor and the White Russian completely satiated my appetite for a creamy texture.  I finished dinner not feeling uncomfortably full, but totally satisfied.

The seminar was really an eye-opening experience in learning about vodka and I will be back to Lincoln for sure, to check out their regular menu.

Thank you Tito’s & Lincoln Tavern for an awesome evening!



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