Bare Necessities

Finals have finally ended and I feel anew!


1: Sometimes for my runs I like to run the full length straight along the length of a subway line, and then take it back home. There’s just something about running back along the same route that’s never totally appealed to me.

2: Someone I follow on Instagram posted this and it’s been my motivation these past few weeks. Health and fitness for me is all about finding what works, over and over again.

Getting through these past few weeks of school has felt like a marathon training in its own. But amidst this mad dash I’ve finally reconciled with myself that it’s OK to put some things on the back burner. I don’t need to do EVERYTHING all the time.  Functioning at full capacity is not the most efficient way of living. At least not for me. So these past 3 or so weeks I’ve taken it easy on work and training and let myself delve into the torturous pursuit of finals. And although it has been helpful, it has left little time (and even less money,) for grocery shopping.

So I’ve decided I’m on a mission. (Out of curiosity, and financial necessity.)

I want to eat my kitchen bare. No, this isn’t some weird nude food fetish. I want to clear out the ingredients I have in my cupboards and cabinets and leave lots of room in my fridge for when I get around to the supermarket.  Aside from having a limited budget, I also just hate wasting food. And I’m really, really good at it. Chris is helpful because he’ll eat the stuff that I think is too old, and he, like me, doesn’t mind eating strange food combinations. Last week we had leftover salad topped with homemade falafel, chia seeds, quinoa, and tomato sauce. Yeah, it was weird. But about a year ago I decided I wanted to become a fearless eater. I may have written about this before but I decided that a) I love to eat, b) how can I teach my kids (someday) to not be picky eaters if I’m a picky eater?, c) There’s so much good food I could be missing out on! and finally d) I want to be a better cook. And to be a better, healthier, know-ier cook, I have to be willing to try new things.

It’s interesting, really, because I’m one of those people who can eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for a month straight. I guess we’ll see where this takes me.


1: I was writing a paper all day last Sunday and by the time I left the library, the weather had gotten pretty chilly and I was ravenous. So when I got home I wanted something quick, warm, and nutritious: soup! I sauteed tofu with garlic, onions, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and coconut oil, and simmered that with some frozen veggies in a little miso broth before adding vegetable broth and rice noodles to finish it off. It was easy, fairly tasty, and there were plenty of leftovers (which, per usual, tasted better the next day.)

2: Just a typical breakfast. Chris cut this all up before leaving for work and I woke up to a nice little platter of fruits and veggies to start my day off.

3: Sometimes my meals are super simple. Like after my run, I just went for the PB& J. Or rather, almond butter & J on whole grain. I try to make sure that I eat fruits and veggies before and with every meal. It’s better for digestion and makes sure you get in all the nutrients before you’re too full or too uninterested.

Now, it’s on to the next challenge: Holidays. Hope you all are having a good week! xx


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