Back at it

There are few things that bring me quite as much pleasure as sitting in bed on a lazy, rainy Saturday morning with a cuppa joe. Of course, this is far from a “lazy” morning, I’ve actually been insanely busy with work and finals season but I am happy to say there’s only about a week left of it, and then I’ll be free.

I’ve found that when I’m busy, I really enjoy cooking. I think it’s my way of taking a breather from work without feeling guilt about being neglectful. Is that crazy? I mean, I need to eat, so.. Anyway, Thanksgiving really took a hit to my healthy eating efforts, but I’m not too worried about it. If anything, it’s inspired me more to seek out vegan options because I felt like such garbage after the holiday.  So here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

collage 12/6

I’ve decided to return to marathon training. I think my legs have developed enough strength to withstand the work, and I’m going to be diligent in my cross training and rest. I’ve always found that funny you know, training to RUN a marathon and yet the difficult part for so many is learning how to take it easy. But I’m going to take it nice and slow. I’m aiming to run a marathon the week I graduate. My goal has always been to get it done in college.

Picture 1. is a bit old, but it was the most lovely leaves display I saw when heading out for a run a few weeks ago. Boston had a beautiful fall this year. And it’s my favorite weather to train in.

2: Me reading Runner’s World to motivate me to get out of bed and work out. I don’t have much down time but I’ve tried to make an effort to begin and end my day with a bit of reading instead of electronics. I found a great deal on an RW subscription and the articles always inspire me to push myself. So I’m counting reading as part of training. That can count, right?

3: Last night my first attempt at vegan mushroom bourguignonne! It was a success! I had to make due with the ingredients I had so I didn’t quite follow the recipe word by word but I’m satisfied with the result. I paired it with some roasted winter veggies, brown rice, and of course, toasted baguette. Next time I make it, which will probably be soon, I’ll make sure to post the recipe and steps on here. It was a really great seasonal dish.

I’ve been working on a project that has really encouraged me to expand my culinary knowledge and be open to using different ingredients. It’s almost done… I can’t wait to tell you guys about it.

But, like I said, it’s not really a lazy Saturday for me, time to head to the gym! I’ve got upper body today. Any of you guys know some good lower back exercises?

Have a good weekend! xx


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